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Bed Wetting (Nocturnal Enuresis) Treatment

Bed Wetting (Nocturnal Enuresis)

Nocturnal enuresis, commonly known as bedwetting, is a condition where a person, usually a child, unintentionally urinates during sleep. Here’s a brief overview of its symptoms, causes, and treatment:


  1. Regular bedwetting, at least twice a week, in a child over the age of 5.
  2. The child may be unaware of urinating during sleep.
  3. Bedwetting can occur alongside other symptoms like daytime wetting, urinary urgency, or urinary tract infections.


  1. Genetics: Bedwetting often runs in families, suggesting a genetic component.
  2. Developmental Delay: Some children take longer to develop bladder control during sleep.
  3. Hormonal Imbalance: In some cases, the hormone that controls urine production at night (antidiuretic hormone) may not be produced in sufficient amounts.
  4. Small Bladder Capacity: A child’s bladder may not be able to hold urine for an entire night.
  5. Emotional Stress: Stressful events such as starting school, moving to a new place, or family issues can trigger bedwetting.
  6. Sleep Disorders: Conditions like sleep apnea can disrupt sleep patterns, leading to bedwetting.

Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy offers a holistic approach to health, including the treatment of conditions like bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis). While there’s no one-size-fits-all remedy in homeopathy, several remedies are commonly used based on individual symptoms and constitutional factors. Here are a few remedies that may be considered:

  1. Belladonna: This remedy is often used when bedwetting is accompanied by sudden and violent urination, especially during sleep.

  2. Causticum: When bedwetting is associated with involuntary urination while coughing, sneezing, or laughing, Causticum may be indicated. It’s also useful when there is a sensation of fullness in the bladder, yet the urine dribbles out.

  3. Sepia: Sepia is often prescribed when bedwetting occurs in older children, particularly girls approaching puberty. It’s associated with a feeling of weakness in the pelvic region and a sensation as if the bladder hasn’t emptied completely.

  4. Equisetum: This remedy is indicated when there’s a constant dribbling of urine, both day and night. It’s especially useful when bedwetting is accompanied by a weak bladder sphincter.

  5. Kreosotum: Kreosotum is prescribed when there’s involuntary urination during the first part of sleep, and the urine is very offensive.

Naturopathy Treatment

Naturopathy offers various holistic approaches to address bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis) in both children and adults. Here are some natural treatments commonly recommended:

  1. Dietary Modifications: Naturopathic practitioners often emphasize dietary changes to support bladder health. This may include reducing or eliminating foods and beverages that irritate the bladder, such as caffeine, carbonated drinks, and artificial sweeteners. Encouraging the consumption of water-rich fruits and vegetables can also promote hydration and support urinary function.

  2. Bladder Training: Naturopathic doctors may recommend bladder training exercises to help individuals increase their bladder capacity and improve control over urination. Techniques may include scheduled voiding, where individuals urinate at regular intervals throughout the day to prevent overfilling of the bladder.

  3. Herbal Remedies: Certain herbs are believed to support bladder health and may be recommended by naturopaths. Examples include horsetail, cranberry, corn silk, and buchu. However, it’s essential to consult with a qualified practitioner before using herbal remedies, especially in children, to ensure safety and proper dosing.

  4. Homeopathy: Homeopathic remedies are sometimes used to address bedwetting, with treatments tailored to the individual’s specific symptoms and constitution. Common homeopathic remedies for enuresis include Kreosotum, Causticum, and Sepia. Consulting with a qualified homeopath is essential for proper evaluation and treatment.


For Bed Wetting
(Nocturnal Enuresis) Treatment

Bedwetting can have various causes, including delayed development of bladder control, hormonal imbalances, genetics, urinary tract infections, constipation, and psychological factors.

Waking your child up to urinate during the night may help in the short term but isn’t a long-term solution. It’s more effective to try behavioral techniques like bladder training and moisture alarms.

In most cases, bedwetting is not a sign of a serious health problem. However, it’s essential to rule out any underlying medical conditions, especially if bedwetting starts suddenly or is accompanied by other symptoms.

Yes, stress, anxiety, and emotional issues can contribute to bedwetting, particularly in older children and adults.

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